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"After spending my entire life in Chicagoland, I relocated to Georgia in Summer 2020.  Needless to say, the political environment was NOT what I was used to.  Jed immediately helped me get registered to vote, and then suggested I get involved in the GA Postcard Project.  I soon began to feel the most empowered I’ve ever felt in an election and developed a sense of community with like-minded folks who live near my new home.  Thanks to Jed’s tips, I’m now much more confident about my political activism and am already re-engaging with the GA Postcard Project for 2022!" 


-Rebecca Rieck, former social worker turned insurance professional, Cumming, GA

“Jed and I have discussed national and global politics for over 20 years, and he’s the only person that visited me in my State Department posts in Hong Kong, Cyprus, and D.C.  I’m originally from Detroit and have a deep understanding of Michigan politics, but wanted to get Jed’s insights regarding Georgia throughout the 2020 election cycle.  From our conversations, I learned specific ways to leverage my contacts and financial donations for maximum impact in 2020 and beyond!”

-Victor Marsh, Stanford BA + Princeton MPA Int. Relations,

Former U.S. State Department official turned Diversity Studies Postdoc at U. of Toronto


"During the worst days of the pandemic, I was spending all waking hours just trying to help my hospital system in the Bay Area respond.  At the same time, I was becoming increasingly alarmed about the broader state of American politics.  I reached out to Jed to ask how I could have the most impact, and he immediately gave me practical steps about how to engage as a volunteer and donor.  I can’t thank him enough for tailoring his consultation to my situation.  I came away knowing that I made a difference, even with my limited bandwith!" 


-Avi Tutman, Yale MPH/MBA, New York City

"We’ve known Jed for nearly three decades.  It’s a bit strange to admit now, but we once supported Republicans, including around the time when we first met Jed.  Needless to say, a lot has changed since then! However, Jed’s strategic mind for all things politics has been a constant.  We continue to consult him every election to get the most up-to-date advice about how best to engage as donors and volunteers, and certainly are doing so this cycle! 

-Mark (former Obama Administration Energy official) + Jenny Johnson, Naples, FL

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"It’s hard to believe, but I’ve known Jed for almost thirty years.  He was politically astute even as an adolescent, and certainly more so now!  Over the years, I’ve enjoyed getting his “take” on local, state, and national politics during every election cycle.  During the primaries, general, and runoffs for the 2020 cycle, I consulted with Jed frequently, and he gave me up-to-date, specific ideas about how to donate time and money to make the most impact every step of the way.  I look forward to his insights for ‘22!"

-Pat Read, Retired Healthcare Executive, Naples, FL

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