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“Jed has been an amazing coach, mentor, and teammate.  I'm an "early career" working mom with two young kids, but Jed always makes sure to share relevant context that helps me understand tasks I'm asked to support.  He takes time to help me develop professionally, like when he showed me how to review an agreement closely, which made me confident doing a similar review and presenting my thoughts the next time.  He always has my back when others outside our organization aren't being so kind and volunteers to take things off my plate when he sees I'm overextended.  I'm very proud of how much I've grown professionally recently, and Jed has a LOT to do with that!"

-Kathryn C., Administrative Assistant

“I first worked closely with Jed to develop robust pre- and post-program impact evaluation surveys.  He taught me to appreciate the importance of evaluating ALL potential stakeholders for programs, including the BIPOC, rural, and low-income families and children we plan to support.  We also worked together on slide deck and "2 pager" pitches to potential funders, fundraising materials I had no prior experience with.  At every step, Jed encouraged me to share my "medical expertise" AND lived experience, and I felt extremely comfortable adding my thoughts throughout our many drafts.  Thanks to our teamwork, we  secured significant $ support for a critical statewide medical need, and I'm very proud to have played such a key part, even before graduating!"  

-Jessica R., Medical Student/Graduate Student Intern

"I am the Executive Director of a global civic engagement community.  Over the past couple of years, Jed has provided invaluable strategic insight to us and our partners throughout the U.S., South America, Asia, Europe, and beyond!"

-Krista W., Global Nonprofit Executive Director

“It's a bit uncomfortable to admit, but I've known Jed for over two decades now!  We first met as Stanford undergraduates, and have always shared an interest in international issues, social impact, and ethics.  Jed is one my trusted thought partners who always brings his strategic, panoramic, empathetic perspective to our conversations." 

-Alejandra V., Global Philanthropy Strategist

“In one of our partner meetings, I mentioned an idea for training physicians in pediatric mental health, just off the cuff.  Jed's instinct kicked in, and he ran with the idea.  In a matter of months, he crafted compelling pitch materials, secured more than $200,000 in funding, cultivated our relationship with a new training institute partner, led our communications efforts to recruit trainees, and more.  We successfully held our first physician training in early 2023 and look forward to Jed's partnership and leadership as we hold our next one later this year.”

-April H., MD/Professor of Medicine

“I've known Jed for going on 15 years (yikes!) now, since our days at Stanford Law school.  We've had similar career paths in the legal and philanthropy sectors, and he is one of my trusted thought partners.   We both prioritize centering BIPOC, low income, and other communities that society too frequently silences or ignores.  Beyond that, we have shared Midwestern values (the good ones!) and seek to treat all those we serve, from the uber-wealthy to the grassroots leaders and community members, with empathy and kindness."

-Karli B., Community Philanthropy Professional 

"Jed has been my amazing executive coach, advisor, and mentor to my international staff these past couple of years.  Within our first few months working together, he helped me triple my yearly budget with funding partnerships from AmeriCorps, our County government, and a private foundation.  In fact, he received PERFECT scores on multiple grant applications, and the County government was so impressed that ***THEY reached out to ME*** to apply for another grant this year.  This has all gone to support disabled veterans, the elderly, youth, my fellow Black women, other minorities, low income individuals, rural communities, and others in desperate need of mental health services.  Jed has also coached me through Board transitions, budget management, deep evaluation efforts, staff and volunteer recruiting, and more.  I honestly don't know if we could've made it thru the pandemic without him!"  -Venessa A., Global Nonprofit Executive Director

EAV, Neha (PHOTOS?)- Resilient Georgia

Krista W -TB 

Kathryn RG - Drafted (Photo?)

April Hartman - PHIC [DRAFTED] (Photo?)

Christina Guilbeau - Hopebound [DRAFTED]; PHOTO?

Robyn Charlton/Janet Hurn - Miami University [DRAFTED]

Julie S - Butler University 

Renay - Anonymous Family Foundation [DRAFTED]

Mike F. - Environmental Engineer (Photo?)

Melanie L - Strategic Consultant - Drafted

Jacob F- AmeriCorps

Carlos T - Fulton County

Parwiz - Disabled Veterans

Jessica R- Medical Student/Graduate Student Intern -Drafted (PHOTO?)

Venessa A- Drafted

Fatima? (Photo?)

Alejandra V - Photo?

“Jed and I first teamed up before I took leave for my third son's birth.  I was nervous about "handing off" clients to someone who could potentially be a "competitor", but quickly learned to trust Jed completely.  Over the past two years, we have continued teaming up to serve nonprofit and foundation clients working nationally and internationally on issues including global health, the environment, education access, homelessness, animal therapy, and entrepreneurship/income generation.  Jed has become my treasured teammate and teacher, sharing his mastery of the philanthropic sector in a way that helps me better serve ALL of my clients."

-Melanie L., Nonprofit and Foundation Strategic Consultant (with three young boys)

"A potential program partner reached out about a grant opportunity with an urgent deadline approaching.  In just a few days, Jed worked with executive and other team members at our partner organization and mine to develop quite the compelling application.  We are proposing a mental health workforce acceleration "collaborative" with nonprofit, Medical School, training institute, and corporate foundation partners.  We seek to accelerate and diversify the mental health Master’s level workforce statewide, increasing access to qualified and culturally competent mental health professionals for diverse families and youth, including low-income people of color.  Somehow, Jed managed to grasp all of this and present it coherently and strategically in our application in about 72 hours!" 


-Christina G., Stanford MBA, Nonprofit Executive Director

"We’ve been honored to work with Jed for almost two years.  In that time, he has helped us raise $400,000 from state government sources for two key programs: Early College Academy, an innovative partnership between our regional campuses and local high schools to provide early access to higher education to students for whom a college degree may seem out of reach, and our Microcredentials Program, which helps working adults and other nontraditional students "upskill" to become more employable and improve our workforce statewide.  He also wrote a comprehensive 26-page "Impact Report" for all of our programs for us to share with a wide range of stakeholders here in the Midwest.  We are excited to continue working with him!" -Robyn C. and Janet H., University Program Directors

“I collaborated with Jed on a project to improve infrastructure with federal government, private sector, and nonprofit partners all playing a key role.  Given my decades in the field, I was brought on to advise on environmental issues, while Jed provided expertise on multi-stakeholder American Rescue Plan partnerships.  Throughout our time working together, I was impressed with Jed's sense of humor and kindness to me personally as the "elder statesman" on the project.  He was always patient and helped me immensely with everything from strategic questions to how to navigate the (often unwieldy) federal web sites!"  

-Mike F., Environmental Expert, Semi-Retired

GA Postcard Project 2022 Sleeves.jpeg

"We hired Jed for a special, international project that required great tact, confidentiality, and a strategic mindset.  He conducted research about Gen Z, a landscape/ecosystem scan of potential program partners ranging from "big" to "small" to "emerging" fish, strategic planning with staffing, budgeting, programming and other components, and more.  He served as my "second brain" and regularly presented recommendations to our Executives, which resulted in an initial 5-year, $20 million investment.  We have since doubled down and are immensely excited about the impact this will have over the next decade and beyond."    

-R.B., Anonymous Family Foundation Executive

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